On August 21, US President Donald Trump tweeted that he would postpone his state visit to Denmark, scheduled for September 2-3, because the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen had refused to discuss the sale of Greenland to the US.

Greenland is a semi-autonomous Danish territory, and this was not the first time that the US had expressed interest in buying the world’s largest island, the Associated Press reported.

Following Trump’s antics, Ida Auken, member of the Danish Parliament, released a video (top) in which she said that “Greenland is not for sale but Denmark has a much better deal for you”. The video shows snippets of Trump’s previously comments about windmills, and how he had falsely claimed that windmills cause cancer.

Auken’s “deal” for President Trump is about cheap energy and saving the climate. She urged Trump to make a shift from coal-fired power plants to renewable energy sources, including wind. In her video, Auken also informed Trump that Denmark, where most of the electricity is wind-generated, has only 15 minutes of blackout in a year on an average, while the US, which makes use of coal-fired power plants, goes through about two hours of blackout every year.

Here are more of Trump’s statements about windmills (and satirist Trevor Noah’s commentary):