School lessons can sometimes be boring, or difficult, or both. But not in Lamtaput Upper Primary School, Koraput, Odisha. Here, Prafulla Kumar Pathi, fondly called “dancing sir” converts all his lessons into interactive song-and-dance routines.

The headmaster in-charge of the Odia medium school, 56-year-old Pathi found that the primary school students he taught often fell asleep in class, especially in the morning.

To solve the problem, since 2008 he has used a unique teaching method that involves singing through each lesson. Swaying his hips, gesticulating, sitting as well as standing, the energetic professor clearly makes sure his adorable students have a great time as they learn.

Sanjay Panda, an assistant teacher who works in the same school as Pathi, told the Hindustan Times, “In Koraput schools, children usually stay absent or drop out before finishing primary education. But after this new way of teaching, there has been a boost in attendance.”

A video of an Odia revision class that Pathi posted to Facebook earlier went viral. Social media users were all praise for the schoolteacher’s inventiveness.