Indonesia is all set to transfer its capital from Jakarta to another location on the Borneo Island, because Jakarta is sinking. Mirror Now anchor Faye D’Souza explained the reasons for this drastic step.

“Jakarta is one of the fastest sinking cities in the world. According to experts, several parts of the city will be under water by 2050,” D’Souza said. She explained how the lack of clean water has led to an incessant increase in the number of borewells in the city, and since the city is built on marshlands, how excessive boring is causing the ground to give way.

Jakarta is situated on the shore of the Java Sea and, because of rising sea levels, the city is reportedly at a higher risk of sinking.

Borneo island, rumoured to be the home of the new capital, is a densely forested area, and home to orangutans. It is feared that shifting the capital to Borneo can result in an ecological disaster in the form of damage to rainforests and to the orangutan population in the area.