As the American East Coast remains on high alert, with Hurricane Dorian having been declared a Catagory 5 storm and one of the most powerful hurricanes to have been observed in the Atlantic – a Florida man has gone viral for his novel solution to the weather problem.

Dressed in a floral shirt, the unidentified man told Florida Today reporter Tyler Vazquez that warm weather and warm water were driving the hurricane. Then, he suggested the US send in the navy.

“We have a navy,” said the man said. “Why don’t the navy come and drop ice in the warm water so it can’t get going as fast as it’s going? There’s got to be ways to combat this instead of just pointing at the thing and saying, ‘Well, now it’s getting worse!’ Yeah, we know it’s getting worse!” he said, expressing his frustration.

The man also had uses for the US air force. “We have an air force,” he said. “Drive some air force planes around to get the winds going the opposite way.”

Naturally, the replies were cutting.