A rather startling video of a British tourist abusing, punching and actually biting a Moroccan chicken-seller over his alleged mistreatment of the birds has gone viral on the internet.

The unidentified woman was touring Tangiers when she spotted the chicken vendor. Accusing the man of mistreating the birds by keeping them in a cage, the woman demanded the trader immediately liberate them.

The video shows the woman angrily accuse the trader of being illiterate. “Are you all that uneducated?” she says. “You can’t read, you can’t read, can you? You can’t f***ing read. Are you that f***ing thick, you dumb c**t?”

The woman then shows her middle finger to the man filming the incident, and climbs up on the cages, even as bystanders attempt to restrain her. What happens next is almost unbelievable. She attempts to free the chickens, and as the trader struggles to keep the cage’s hatch locked, she bites him.

Screaming at the top of her voice, the woman is finally pushed off the cages – after which she attempts to even punch the trader while screaming, “You don’t treat animals like that.”

Eventually, the police were called and the woman was taken to the hospital, reported the Daily Mail. The chicken vendor chose not to press charges.

“There have been calls for the deportation of the British tourist for assaulting the Moroccan trader,” reported the Africa Facts Zone twitter handle.

Social media users, meanwhile, were appalled at what they called the woman’s white privilege. Suggesting that the woman keep her campaigns restricted to her own country, one user said, “You’d rather proceed to cuss out human beings for how they’re trying to make a living, when your own country made their living doing same to humans.”