A clip featuring a car accident from the new ABC show Content has gone viral after several social media users mistook it for a real accident.

The series centres around the online ambitions of a woman from Brisbane who wants to become an influencer, no matter what the cost – and, thus, live-streams almost every part of her life, including a car crash.

In this particular clip, the character, Lucy, played by actor Charlotte Nicdao, is singing to her followers on a Facebook live when she is rammed by a vehicle, the shock and impact of which she continues to stream!

Surprisingly, despite the visible slapstick direction of the video – for example, Lucy’s hair stands-up on her head and remains standing! – social media users reacted with sympathy and concern.

Wondering how it was made? Here are a few videos explaining that.

Content, touted as the first vertical show – to be watched in portrait mode on a smartphone – will have seven episodes and premiered on Wednesday.