In a new ritual, Hong Kong protestors have taken to standing at their windows at 10 pm every night to scream out their frustrations. Videos of Hong Kongers shouting protest slogans from their lit-up apartment windows, having taken a cue, perhaps, from the hundreds of such TV and film scenes, have surfaced online.

The initiative that reportedly started on August 19 has been dubbed the Million Scream. Citizens shout slogans – popularised by pro-democracy protesters – such as “five demands, not one fewer” and “Hongkongers, add oil”.

The initiative is a way for islanders both to belt out their frustrations and to stand in solidarity with each other during the prolonged protest movement, as the night reverberates with a hundred voices all in tune with the same hope.

“What we are doing now is waking up everyone in Hong Kong, iron house, to fight and strive for survival,” one participant told the Hong Kong Free Press.

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