The Indian Space Research Organisation’s ambitious moon-landing programme under Chandrayaan-2 might not have gone entirely according to plan, but the determination of the scientists has earned them praises across the world. In his web show The Desh Bhakt (video above), satirist Akash Banerjee explores the history of Isro, and how the organisation established itself as a force to reckon with in the field of space science.

“Even a budget less than that of a statue (of Unity) cannot stop Isro from working,” Banerjee said, pointing to the stringent funding that the organisation works on.

The sixteen-minute episode highlights the achievements of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, the Indian National Committee for Space Research, and the gradual progress of the country’s space programme from the first sounding rocket on November 21, 1963, to Chandrayaan-2.

“All Isro missions looked impossible in the beginning, but nothing has been able to defeat this institution that was made from the scratch,” Banerjee said, praising the organisation’s ability to bounce back from all setbacks.