Veteran lawyer Ram Jethmalani died on Sunday morning, six days short of 96. As the news of his death spread, old videos and interviews started circulating on social media. One particular interview that has resurfaced is from 2006, with journalist Karan Thapar.

Appearing on Thapar’s show Devil’s Advocate, Jethmalani discussed his reasons for appearing for Manu Sharma in the 1999 Jessica Lal murder case. “I have some obligations to people,” Jethmalani had said, justifying his reason to defend Sharma.

“I have not cast any aspersions on her character, on the contrary, I have given her some character, I hope she deserves it,” the lawyer had famously said, about Jessica Lal. Jethmalani was also accused of using the Manu Sharma case to rebuild his popularity.

“Critics say he (Jethmalani) is using Manu Sharma to build a career that is flagging,” Thapar had said during the interview, to which the lawyer responded, “If you believe that, it only reflects on your intelligence.”