You’d expect Tinder to launch a dating game – but it’s the American chicken dinner joint, Kentucky Fried Chicken, that has developed a dating simulation that wants you to romance a younger, Anime-version of their long-dead founder.

While the fast-food giant has always positioned itself as a family restaurant, and one has grown up believing its jolly, old patron Colonel Sanders – the man behind KFC’s fried chicken recipe – looked like this...

The game version of Sanders still has white hair, but everything else seems to have changed.

Here is the pink-tinted spectacle that is I Love You Colonel Sanders.

Set to be officially launched later in September, the game is about getting through culinary school and helping Colonel Sanders beat the opposition while trying to romance him.

The brand described the game as a “dating simulator”, where the player “navigates relationships and the social challenges that the fast-paced life in the kitchen can bring.”

Naturally, the game has become a talking point on social media, with users wondering whether they should laugh, giggle, blush or simply be amused at this marketing strategy.