St Francis' Principal, Sister Sandra Horta personally inspecting students.

Students of Hyderabad’s St Francis Women’s College are protesting against college rules that mandate that their kurtas must end below their knees. The imposition of the dress code began from July 1, when a notice was posted on the WhatsApp group of the college. Now the college has hired women security staff who check the girls’ clothing before allowing them entry.

“The first three days they allowed us to go in,” a student told The News Minute. “They just shouted at us saying ‘what is this’, chased us and pulled us back, but they didn’t stop us from going in. But on Friday, they started to stop because apparently they had given a warning.”

With classes, attendance and tests on the line, students are protesting vehemently against these rules.

Student Zanobia Tumbi posted videos of guards tugging at other students’ dresses, disallowing those with knee-length kurtis from entering the campus.

After being denied entry and attendance on Friday, students took matters into their hands, organising a protest outside the gate on Monday at 8.30 am. Holding posters and raising slogans, students demanded that the college stop moral policing and allow them to wear what they liked.