Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg crossed the Atlantic Ocean on an emissions-free yacht to arrive in New York City for the United Nations Climate Action Summit scheduled for September 23. She has already participated in marches demanding action against climate change in front of White House, and also appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to discuss climate change and how it is being tackled.

“I think that younger people are more focussed on climate change because they perceive it as a direct threat while older people think that they will not be alive when it hits,” Thunberg said during the show. Talking about the difference in conversation around climate change, she said that in the US it felt like something you believe or do not believe in, but in her home country Sweden, it is a fact.

Noah also asked Thunberg what people should be doing to tackle the situation. “If there’s only one thing that I wished people would do, it is to inform themselves about the situation and push for a political movement because the politics needed to fix this does not exist today.”