Senegalese artist, Boubou can paint with whatever you can imagine. From boxing gloves to hats, a paintbrush held between his teeth or even a cycle, the Dakar-based artist’s incredible live portraits have won him followers from around the world.

Now, a recent video (above) that features him painting Brazilian footballer Neymar with a football boot which he is wearing has social media users exclaiming in amazement.

Talking to the BBC, the artist had earlier said, “For me, art is freedom...I find it easier to paint upside down. It’s not only easier, but it’s quicker. Some people think I’m crazy. Others think I’m fake. But it’s normal for some people to have that reaction.”

Here are some other incredible videos from Boubou’s Instagram:

Finally, if somehow, you’re still unamazed, here’s a video of Boubou painting with his ears.