A TechInsider video featuring a wearable chair has people on the internet a little confused. Called Lex, the wearable chair was invented by creator Astride Bionix and promises to be an “exoskeleton that lets you sit with a perfect posture”.

Attached around one’s bottom and thighs, the chair is essentially two bendable rods that can fashion out a portable chair. Funded through Kickstarter, the bionic chair is made of aerospace-grade aluminium, weighs just one kilogram, but can support weights of up to 120 kg.

Designed to make workplaces portable, the product is available to be shipped anywhere around the world for $186.

However, not all social media users have found this exoskeletal chair very clever. Most people have asked about the one huge problem – how does one, while wearing the chair, sit on an actual chair or a bench, or a bus of train seat?

Others simply thought the innovation was, quite unnecessary.

Meanwhile in the world of fiction – the wearable chair already exists!

Meanwhile, feedback from actual customers – apart from several complaints about the delivery being delayed – showed that Lex was useful, but perhaps not the most comfortable lounging device. While one person wrote that it was a “little uncomfortable”, another recommended that users “practice [how] to wear and sit.”

Practise sitting? Well, really what have things come to?