Ayush Chaturvedi, a student from Varanasi, has become an internet star after his speech on Mahatma Gandhi went viral on social media.

A student of the Central Hindu Boys School in Varanasi, he talked about Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiration for the Civil Disobedience Movement. “It is really sad that the people of Mahatma Gandhi’s own country are the ones who have read and understood him the least,” he pointed out during his speech.

“Gandhi was the symbol of secularism in India, although he himself was a staunch Hindu, his ‘Hey Ram’ did not scare other communities.”

According to a report in The Telegraph, Chaturvedi started his speech with a couplet on Mahatma Gandhi and his killer Nathuram Godse: “ye kisne kaha aapse aandhi ke saath hun, main Godse ke daur me Gandhi ke saath hun (who told you that I got swept up with the storm, I am standing by Mahatma Gandhi in the time of Godse).” Speaking to The Telegraph over the phone, Chaturvedi clarified that the video recording of his speech started after he had begun the address, and that is why the reference to Godse is not on record.