CCTV footage from Okhla, Delhi shows two people on a motorcycle snatching a journalist’s phone while she walks down a street. The journalist, identified as Radhika, told The Times of India that she was walking home from her workplace when the incident took place. “Now people can’t walk on roads even in evening, forget during the night,” said Radhika.

The date stamp on the video indicates that it took place just a day after a similar incident:

A female journalist, Joymala Bagchi, was attacked and robbed in Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park on Sunday, September 22. She had to be taken to hospital as the attack left her bleeding profusely. In both instances, the perpetrators came on motorcycles, the journalists’ phones were stolen, and the thieves got away.

According to Business Standard, Delhi Police has suspended three officers for unsatisfactory investigations into the first incident. South Delhi’s DCP Atul Thakur has said that suspects are being questioned and CCTV footage analysed, with senior officers now supervising the investigation. While there hasn’t been an official statement on the Okhla snatching, Radhika told Business Standard that an FIR has been filed and the footage is being analysed.