Everybody needs some company
Let’s talk about it over one more drink
I think you should be alone with me
Because we don’t have to be lonely    

These lyrics might appear to have been picked up from a romantic ballad in which a salty lover croons and sobs about a lost love, but they’re actually from American DJ Diplo, aka Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr’s new country ballad, Lonely.

A spoof of the songwriter’s rift with the Jonas Brothers after he erroneously live-streamed Joe Jonas’ secret Las Vegas wedding, the song features a “lonely” Diplo – in full country attire – trying desperately to apologise for his actions and contact his friends again.

Texts, a fruit bouquet and constant calls are ignored as Joe takes the lead on the singing with his brothers Kevin and Nick backing him up. The brothers do give in, in the end, but the video does has a surprising twist.

Lonely is part of Diplo’s new country album, which is being released under his birth name. The songwriter had “hacked” the brothers’ Instagram account earlier this week, unfollowed everyone but himself and posted pictures of just himself all over their feed. While the stunt initially had the internet shocked and murmuring – especially as the Jonas Brother beautifully played along – it was part of the promotional drive for Lonely and soon had fans and friends laughing out loud.

Even the rest of the promotions for Lonely have also been mock-angry and really quite hilarious.