The past few days have seen a steep escalation of violence in Santiago, Chile. Subway fares were raised which led to overnight protests (above) and some deaths. Although the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, has suspended the hike in fares, the unrest continues. The fare hikes may only be a rallying point for protests against a wider range of issues.

Footage of toll booths, skyscrapers, and supermarkets on fire have been emerging on social media.

According to some Twitter users, the unrest is no longer about subway fares (as the rise has been suspended) but the outpouring of Chilean citizens’ anger over persisting inequality in the country. A state of emergency has now been declared, according to a BBC report, and soldiers and tanks have been deployed to help diffuse the situation. A state of emergency is now also being declared in other Chilean cities as the protests are spreading.