Three months after the Kashmir Valley went into lockdown after Indian government withdrew the special status that was accorded to Jammu & Kashmir under the Indian Constitution, a satirical video made by a Pakistani video platform invites tourists to visit the beautiful region. Laden with sarcasm, the two-minute video highlights the atrocities that have been meted out to the people of the Valley over the last three months.

On August 5, the Indian government amended the Constitution and divided the state into two Union Territories. In a pre-emptive move, severe restrictions on movement were put in place ahead of the decision, and for a long time after it. Communication lines, including the internet, mobile phones, and landlines, were snapped. While most landlines became operational by September 4, postpaid mobile services were restored on October 14, more than 70 days after they were cut. Prepaid phones are still not working.

The video hardsells the curfew and the internet and communications blackout: tourists will be able to relax in peace and quiet without any distracting nightlife, no busy roads and get a social media detox.

The video has been produced by Pakistani online platform MangoBaaz.