On Monday, November 4 a man was booked for firing shots outside a Bharatiya Janta Party MP’s office in Rohini, New Delhi. According to the police, the offender was wearing a saffron kurta and fired two shots, as is also seen in the video above. The shots were fired into the air, and no one was injured.

SD Mishra, DCP of Rohini told ANI, “The person has been arrested. Further investigation is underway.” His vehicle and weapon have both been confiscated by the police as well. After the firing, he shouted that he had an appointment with the MP but the latter had not met him.

According to eye witnesses, the assailant, identified as Rameshwar Pehalwan, drove up drunk, and fled soon after. The 51-year-old reportedly works as a wrestling coach in Swami Shraddhanand College.