CCTV footage from Gandhi Sewa Niketan (a child protection home and school) in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh shows an altercation between students and a teacher, identified as Mamata Dubey, that escalated into physical assault.

The video shows Dubey being cornered by the students in what appears to be an argument. Eventually one of the angered students starts hitting out at her, even assaulting her repeatedly with a chair.

Dubey told ANI (below) that she was locked up in a washroom by the students earlier, and when she complained to authorities they said “children can do whatever they want.” Upon returning to the scene two days later, on November 12, the incident seen above ensued.

According to reports, she said that she had a dispute with the manager, who also removed her from service.

Mumbai Mirror reported that Dubey said, “The manager of the institution provoked the students to beat and abuse me,” alleging that the administration has repeatedly harassed her, which led to the children following suit.

The manager, however, has said that the students attacked her because she called them “orphans.”

Dubey has reportedly lodged a complaint against the manager of Gandhi Sewa Niketan with the city magistrate, and Raebareli Police is also conducting an investigation.