Renault’s latest advertisement for a car has left many social media users conflicted. The video supposedly tells a tender and moving tale of same sex love, following the lives of two women over the thirty years they have known each other and discover their mutual feelings (above).

However, the end turns out to be a reminder to buy a product. This left many viewers bemused by the fact that “capitalism made me cry today.”

As reported by Business Insider, the ad “deftly captures three decades of life’s passage, the emergence of a gay love affair – and plenty of tasteful images of the Clio.”

Some users also cited an advertisement by Subway, a fast food chain, that began with a woman giving birth in a bathtub, to highlight the capitalisation of human emotion by mega-brands.

On the other hand, many are rejoicing the inclusion of LGBTQ narratives in mainstream advertising.

Many social media users have said, “I feel violated” or made memes about capitalism exploiting gay trauma for profit rather than expressing real empathy. Here are some of the responses, and the Subway advertisement.

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