Ahead of the students’ solidarity march scheduled to be held across various cities in Pakistan on November 29, a video of students mobilising crowds at the Faiz Festival in Lahore has gone viral on social media.

The students’ solidarity march is being organised by the Progressive Students’ Collective. Members of the PSC were present at the Faiz Festival in Lahore to spread awareness about their march and the demands associated with it. The students sang poet Bismil Azimabadi’s Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna (video above) at the venue.

Elaborating on their demands and the aim of the march, a member of the PSC said that they were fighting for the rights of the working class. His slogans were met with chants of “laal salaam”.

Here are other videos in the run-up to the students’ solidarity march.

A similar march demanding more rights for students was also held across eight cities of Pakistan in 2018.