In a video posted on Twitter, a dramatic scene was captured on a busy street in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Frustrated by a traffic challan, a motorcyclist is seen throwing his vehicle from side to side before collapsing on it in tears.

The incident reportedly took place at Begum Bridge in Meerut. In the video, police personnel can be seen watching the situation unfold, some even filming the drama on their phones. Toward the end of the footage, officers are seen approaching the dejected biker.

Amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act, implemented in September 2019, have provoked much debate owing to the steep fines detailed in the amendment. In September 2019, an inebriated man set his bike on fire after receiving a traffic fine of Rs 11,000.

Several social media users have responded sympathetically to the apparent dismay and frustration of the man.

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