Controversial BJP MP Pragya Thakur has filed a complaint against SpiceJet airlines for allegedly relocating her from a previously-booked seat on a Delhi-Bhopal flight on Saturday, NDTV reported.

The complaint was lodged at the airport in Bhopal. “The SpiceJet staff does not behave well with its passengers,” she said. “This has happened on previous occasions too. I was moved away from the seat that I had booked. When I asked the cabin crew to provide me with a reason for the same or show me a rule book, they didn’t comply.”

SpiceJet authorities on Sunday issued a clarification, stating that Thakur was not allowed to occupy her allotted seat as it was in an emergency row, and passengers on wheelchairs are not allowed in that row. According to this statement, the MP refused to cooperate, and the aircraft was delayed by 45 minutes because of her.