Several videos have emerged of Delhi Police personnel detaining protesters and even passers-by around Uttar Pradesh Bhawan in New Delhi on Friday. A protest was scheduled against police action against citizens in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh.

Many of those detained have claimed that they were dragged out of taxis and auto-rickshaws, loaded them into buses, driven away. The video above was recorded inside a bus.

The Jamia Coordination Committee had called for surrounding the UP Bhawan on Friday, The Times of India reported. Heavy police deployment was seen outside the building as many social media users complained of detention even when they were not a part of the protests. Almost 200 protestors were reportedly detained and taken to Mandir Marg police station, from where they were believed to have been released subsequently.

In a video that is being circulated widely on Twitter, a woman was heard requesting the police to not detain an old man dressed in clothes that signalled his being Muslim. Her pleas were rejected and the man was made to sit in the police vehicle along with others.

Here are other videos documenting police action outside UP Bhawan in New Delhi.