Thousands were present at Azad Maidan, Mumbai on December 27 to protest against the Citizenship Act and the NRC. The crowds protested not just through slogans but also through poetry and music.

Spoken word poet Hussain Haidry was one of the performers, reciting his poem Hindustani Musalmaan, which speaks to the multipliciy he sees in his own identity. Through the poem, Haidry asks “Main kaisa musalmaan hoon? (What kind of Muslim am I?).”

His answer included the lines (in translation): “The essence of the Gita lies within me, as does an Urdu newspaper. I keep a month’s fast for Ramzaan, and I have bathed in the Ganga too.”

Also performing at the protest was Varun Grover with his now-viral poem Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhayenge.

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