Spiritual leader Jaggi Vasudev has come out in support of the amended Citizenship Act, even as he began his statement by saying that he has “not read the Act fully”.

Vasudev, or Sadhguru as he is popularly called, was answering a question in one of his assemblies when an attendee – the audience is not actually visible in the video – said that she was confused about how to interpret the Act and about the protests and turmoil it has caused in the country.

In his explanation, which lasted a little over twenty minutes, Vasudev argued that India does not discriminate among its citizens on religious grounds, and cited examples of such discrimination in neighbouring Pakistan. “In my opinion, CAA is too little compassion coming too late,” he said.

“Any student can read what the CAA says, but all of them are coming and behaving like illiterate people,” he said. “They are studying in premier universities, how come they cannot read the damn Act?”

You can watch the full video here.


Vasudev’s video was also posted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of an #IndiaSupportsCAA campaign.

Several Twitter users, including television news channel Times Now, fact-checked the speech.