CAA-NRC protests found an innovative place at the first of the three One Day International matches between India and Australia on Tuesday, January 14 at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. While security officers at the venue had stopped anyone in black, fearing protests, demonstrators found another way to register their views on the CAA, NRC and NPR (above).

A group of about 25 individuals were seen sporting letters on their inner T-shirts, which, put together, spelt “NO CAA, NO NPR” and “NO NRC.” At the match, they chanted “India, India.”

Before entering the venue, the group made a video requesting the Maharashtra government not to implement the National Population Register in Maharashtra. According to videos from eyewitnesses, the protestors were later stopped by private security guards (bottom) within the stadium, as other spectators objected to the protest.

According to accounts, chants of “Modi, Modi” were also heard.

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