Congress corporator from Thane in Mumbai, Vikrant Chavan, was recently caught on camera misbehaving with a female journalist, Tabassum Barnagarwala. According to her account, posted on Twitter, she entered a metro station in Mumbai and saw Chavan shouting, “I am a corporator, do you know that?” He was addressing two metro staff members and two security personnel who were trying to calm him down, reminding him that it was a silent zone.

When Barnagarwala attempted to intervene, Chavan in turn shouted at her and is heard saying “Tu ja yahan se. Mein Vikrant Chavan hun. Corporator. (Get out of here. I am Vikrant Chavan. I am a corporator.)”

He is also heard saying “Shaani ban [Smart Alec],” to which the journalist responds by asking what he means. Towards the end of the video, when she asks his full name, he is seen lashing out at her phone, and the camera shakes before the video ends.