Roger Waters recites ‘Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega’.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters recited a poem written by young Delhi poet Aamir Aziz at a protest in London against the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on February 22. The guitarist spoke about a “global enlightenment which this fragile planet so desperately needs,” and brought up Indian what he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “fascist, racist” citizenship law.

He proceeded to recite an English translation of a small portion of Aziz’s poem, written in the aftermath of attacks on students at Delhi’s Jamia and Jawaharlal Nehru Universities:

Everything will be remembered

Kill us, we will become ghosts and write of your killings

With all the evidence, you write jokes in court, we will write justice on the walls

We will speak so loudly that even the deaf will hear

We will write so clearly that even the blind will read

You write injustice on the Earth

We will write revolution in the sky

Watch Aziz recite his poem in Urdu below: