The 1979 Japanese cult anime series Mobile Suit Gundam has long been the inspiration behind a now-mixed media science fiction franchise based on its universe, Gundam. Soon, the franchise is launching a full scale robot model, true to the demand of the series.

The towering Gundam robot – 18 meters high with moving parts – from the anime is set to take up residence on Yokohama Port in October 2020. A frame test for the giant structure can be seen in the video above.

Among those working on the model are the anime series director Yoshiyuki Tomino, producer Katsuyuki Motohiro, and graphic design company Rhizomatiks Co’s creative and technical director Seiichi Saito.

The robot will stand within a 25 meter Gundam Dock, which will also serve as a multi-level viewing platform. There will also be an “Academy”, where fans of the show or those curious about robotics can have hands-on learning about how robots are designed and structured, reported Time Out Tokyo.

This isn’t the first life-size Gundam to be erected in the city. Odaiba is home to a famous RX-0 Unicorn Gundam model, but its mobility is relatively limited, compared to the new model being erected in Yokohama.

A YouTube series (first episode below) released by Gundam Channel tracks the challenges in finalising a design for the model, as creatives behind the project determine how close to the original Gundam the new model should or can be, and if it warrants a renewed, modern look.


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