Television channel Republic TV’s anchor Arnab Goswami launched a full-blown attack on Congress leader Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday when he blamed her for orchestrating the Palghar lynching.

“Would Sonia Gandhi have been quiet if Muslim preachers or Christian saints had been killed instead of Hindu sants,” Goswami said (in Hindi) on his show. “She’s quiet today, but I think she feels happy that Hindu sants were killed in a state where Congress has a stake in the government. She will send a report to Italy about the fact that she is getting Hindu sants killed in Maharashtra,” he added.

Several complaints are believed to have been lodged by Congress activists in Chhattisgarh, according to reports.

Three Mumbai residents, who were on their way to Silvassa on April 16, were lynched by local residents in Gadakchinchale village of Palghar district on the suspicion that they were thieves. The men who were lynched were reportedly Hindu religious leaders.

You can watch the full debate here.


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