As the world continues to protest against the death of African-American George Floyd in the United States after a white officer knelt on his neck during an arrest, a similar incident has been reported from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. A video of a police official kneeling on the neck of a man has been widely circulated on social media.

The incident took place on Thursday, The Indian Express reported. According to the report, Mukesh Kumar Prajapat had stepped out without a mask and was caught by two police constables. The police officials alleged that Prajapat attacked them and they acted in self-defence.

“When the constable approached him and inquired why he was not wearing a mask, the person immediately pulled up a mask and threatened them that he will gouge their eyes,” Jodhpur (West) Deputy Commissioner of Police Priti Chandra was quoted as saying. “The policemen called for a jeep but before it could arrive, the man started slapping and punching both the constables – there are videos of the same. If a policeman is being slapped and punched while in uniform, then it is embarrassing for the entire society. I feel the society should be matured enough to realise that if a man is in uniform, then it shouldn’t mean that the person should be criticised without a reason,” she added.