A new advertisement for a dishwasher has sparked a debate on social media. It features four women discussing the benefits of the new appliance on a video call.

The advertisement carries the tagline “tested by real moms” and has been accused of being sexist, since it features no men.

Here are a few reactions seen on Twitter.

Addressing the debate, Voltas Beko issued a statement that said, “As a brand, Voltas Beko has always celebrated the spirit of womanhood in all our campaigns. Likewise in this advertisement, we captured a fun, casual conversation between four independent and spirited friends who got together over a video call during the lockdown. One of the characters in the video refers to how the family has been managing household chores, with her husband taking over the responsibility of washing dishes. This is when the protagonist of the film recommends a dishwasher. Our products have been developed to create convenience and comfort for all our customers, and are gender agnostic.”