An extremely polite child, saying thank you to his mother every time she hands him food, won over the internet’s heart this year.

Grey’s mother first posted the video of him displaying his good manners on TikTok, from where it went viral. They also have an Instagram account called “Grey and Mama”, which has photos and videos of the child.

“My sweet little thankful boy,” Grey’s mother said in a caption for the video on Instagram. “I realize many of you here aren’t on tiktok, so I’ll start posting these here as well.”

The child became an instant favourite of social media users. “This is my all time favourite video, super cute,” an Instagram user going by the name Saro.u247 wrote. “I always watch this when I’m down.” Others were in awe of his chunky cheeks. “I am in love with this beautiful baby, his mama has taught him well,” a user named Salinaz wrote.