Few things went right for the world in 2020, but if there were a few bright spots to consider, some of them came from sportspersons, withdrawn from their usual hectic schedules, switching on their mobile phone cameras and connecting with their fans like never before.

Instagram chats between elite athletes were not common before the pandemic, but they led these sportspersons to reveal sides of their personality hitherto unknown to fans.

So, when India’s football captain Sunil Chhetri, and India’s cricket skipper Virat Kohli, both from Delhi, sat down for a trip down memory lane, the conversations threw up some glorious moments.

Chhetri recalled a failed attempt to flee from his house as a child, while Kohli spoke about an incident that led to a beating from his parents.

There were bits about growing up in the 1990s that included travelling ticketless in government buses in the city (true only for Chhetri, as Kohli claimed).

Here is the full Instagram chat.