The original video by Dananeer Mobeen.

In a short video that went viral in early February, 19-year-old Pakistani influencer Dananeer Mobeen was seen pointing at her car and group of friends, and saying, “Yeh humari car hai, yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai.” (“This is my car, these are my friends, and this is our party.”)

The video, and particularly Mobeen’s pronunciation of the word “party”, went viral on social media. It has nearly four million views on Instagram, with scores of memes, videos, and mashups turning ‘#pawrihorihai’ into an internet sensation.

Now, companies ranging from OTT platforms and e-commerce operators to banks are cashing in the trend by including ‘#pawri’ in their social media advertising campaigns.

A 'remix' of the video by composer Yashraj Mukhate.