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What Arnab's response to the backlash over his interview with Modi tells us about him

Like every other megalomaniac who pretends to never be bothered by external brickbats, Goswami is quite sensitive to criticism.

One of the many reasons Arnab Goswami’s response to the criticism of his interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unprecedented is that for the first time, Arnab felt the need to issue a personal reply. Usually, Times Now exists in its own little world.

In the Times Now universe, other news organisations revolve around Times Now. Their only reason for existence is to supplement the reporting done by Times Now. To them, only Times Now breaks all the stories that matter. They’d like you to believe that Times Now is the only news organisation asking the right questions. They pretend that it’s the only channel that doesn’t have an agenda. All the information required by a viewer of Times Now can be had from the channel itself. No need to watch or read anything else.

Times Now functions less like a news organisation and more like a cult dedicated to Arnab Goswami, the Dear Leader of Indian news. That is why his army of reporters were out in full force on social media defending their one true god against any and all criticism. Remember, the chosen one can never do anything wrong. The only reason he is being mocked is because the others are jealous of him. They will never have his voice or his brains or his success. The only reason they go after him is to bring him down.

Arnab and other members of his cult tried to dismiss the backlash as pushback from Lutyens’ loyalists but even they know that is not the truth. People did not criticise him because they wanted him to be disrespectful to the prime minister. No sane person would want or expect him to yell at an elected representative of the public. You can be respectful and still ask less brown-nosing questions like: Are you being held back from being completely and totally awesome?

Arnab the character

However, the fact that the self-proclaimed voice of a billion people felt the need to climb down from his heavenly abode to chatter with us mere mortals means that the universal panning his interview received did really disturb him. Like every other megalomaniac who pretends to never be bothered by external brickbats, he too is quite sensitive to them.

The character Arnab plays on the Times Now Newshour – and it is a character – is based on the myth that he speaks truth to power. That’s his whole shtick! It doesn’t matter to him who the recipient of his rant is! It doesn’t matter to him how uncomfortable his show makes the people in power. It doesn’t matter if he upsets the delicate sensibilities of the populace. The truth shall prevail, Monday to Friday, at 9 pm, only on your channel.

Yet, the minute the voice of the nation came face-to-face with actual, unadulterated power, it turned subservient. The voice went from being tough and assertive to timid and submissive. The man who isn’t afraid to call a spade an anti-national couldn’t even sustain short periods of eye contact with power.

Power will always look for the easy way out. Power doesn’t want to be questioned; power wants to be obeyed. Power doesn’t look at those bowing down to it as someone they need to favour. Power only wants to use them to serve its own end. Once power has no use for you, it will discard you and forget that you ever existed.

In the story of the Wizard of Oz, when the curtain falls, the grand wizard who claims to be capable of great, magical feats is revealed to be an ordinary man who is in over his head.

Yes, Arnab will still command the “best ratings” out of all the other news channels. He will still have an inordinately loud voice in determining our national discourse. He will still be the Jupiter to the other news channels’ Pluto. In a few days, people will move on and forget this incident along with this silly article.

But, at 9 pm on June 27, the curtain was lifted, and it was revealed that a man who claimed to be capable of great, magical feats was just another ordinary man who is in over his head.

And no amount of backtracking and explanations will ever change that.

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The ordeal of choosing the right data pack for your connectivity needs

"Your data has been activated." <10 seconds later> "You have crossed your data limit."

The internet is an amazing space where you can watch a donkey playing football while simultaneously looking up whether the mole on your elbow is a symptom of a terminal diseases. It’s as busy as it’s big with at least 2.96 billion pages in the indexed web and over 40,000 Google search queries processed every second. If you have access to this vast expanse of information through your mobile, then you’re probably on something known as a data plan.

However, data plans or data packs are a lot like prescription pills. You need to go through a barrage of perplexing words to understand what they really do. Not to mention the call from the telecom company rattling on at 400 words per minute about a life-changing data pack which is as undecipherable as reading a doctor’s handwriting on the prescription. On top of it all, most data packs expect you to solve complex algorithms on permutations to figure out which one is the right one.


Even the most sophisticated and evolved beings of the digital era would agree that choosing a data pack is a lot like getting stuck on a seesaw, struggling to find the right balance between getting the most out of your data and not paying for more than you need. Running out of data is frustrating, but losing the data that you paid for but couldn’t use during a busy month is outright infuriating. Shouldn’t your unused data be rolled over to the next month?

You peruse the advice available online on how to go about choosing the right data pack, most of which talks about understanding your own data usage. Armed with wisdom, you escape to your mind palace, Sherlock style, and review your access to Wifi zones, the size of the websites you regularly visit, the number of emails you send and receive, even the number of cat videos you watch. You somehow manage to figure out your daily usage which you multiply by 30 and there it is. All you need to do now is find the appropriate data pack.

Promptly ignoring the above calculations, you fall for unlimited data plans with an “all you can eat” buffet style data offering. You immediately text a code to the telecom company to activate this portal to unlimited video calls, selfies, instastories, snapchats – sky is the limit. You tell all your friends and colleagues about the genius new plan you have and how you’ve been watching funny sloth videos on YouTube all day, well, because you CAN!


Alas, after a day of reign, you realise that your phone has run out of data. Anyone who has suffered the terms and conditions of unlimited data packs knows the importance of reading the fine print before committing yourself to one. Some plans place limits on video quality to 480p on mobile phones, some limit the speed after reaching a mark mentioned in the fine print. Is it too much to ask for a plan that lets us binge on our favourite shows on Amazon Prime, unconditionally?

You find yourself stuck in an endless loop of estimating your data usage, figuring out how you crossed your data limit and arguing with customer care about your sky-high phone bill. Exasperated, you somehow muster up the strength to do it all over again and decide to browse for more data packs. Regrettably, the website wont load on your mobile because of expired data.


Getting the right data plan shouldn’t be this complicated a decision. Instead of getting confused by the numerous offers, focus on your usage and guide yourself out of the maze by having a clear idea of what you want. And if all you want is to enjoy unlimited calls with friends and uninterrupted Snapchat, then you know exactly what to look for in a plan.


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This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of Airtel and not by the Scroll editorial team.