Some horrible stories still end well – or so we hope.

The dog feared to have died after a man calmly held her up and threw her off a two-storied building – filmed in gruesome nonchalance – by a friend has, of course, been found alive, as seen in the video above. She is reported to have suffered two fractures, one in her right hind leg and other in her spine, and is now under treatment.

She has been named Bhadra, which means blessed.

The two medical students, Gautam Sudarshan and Ashish Pal, one of whom threw her off the terrace while the other one filmed it, were arrested and then released on bail in Tamil Nadu, according to this report. They were contacted through their parents in their hometowns Tirunelvelli and Kanyakumari, and had committed to surrendering in Chennai by noon.

“Good news – The dog has been found alive,” wrote Shravan Krishnan on his Facebook page earlier. “She is not able to walk properly. She is with us now. Will be under treatment. What breaks my heart is that she was still wagging her tail.”

This is where it all began. The video shows a man calmly holding a dog up, smiling at a camera, and casually throwing her off the terrace of a two-storied building into the distance. The dog lands with an audible thud and her shrieks and whimpers can be heard.

(The content is disturbing and you may not actually want to watch this.)


The incident was first reported by Krishnan, who is an animal rights activist . What then began was a hunt for both the dog and the two men responsible for the incident. The Facebook page Chennai Memes assisted Krishnan with regular updates.

But what punishment can be expected? As Krishnan pointed out, "But the sad part is the law is not strong enough. The prevention of cruelty act is an outdated act. You can just get away with a fine of Rs 50. This act has to be updated."