The anticipation has given way to a series of rumours and reports about Oppo’s upcoming F series phone. And putting an end to the speculation, Oppo India has teased the launch of the Oppo F9 Pro on its Twitter page. The teaser suggests that the Oppo F9 Pro will be equipped with Oppo’s VOOC-charging technology, which could provide a charge of up to 2 hours with just 5 minutes’ of charging.

As reported earlier, Oppo’s Malaysia division had teased the launch of the Oppo F9 without mentioning anything about the F9 Pro. The reverse has happened in the case of the F series for India. Oppo India has not revealed anything about the Oppo F9, but has hinted at the F9 Pro. Interestingly, both divisions have shared identical water-themed images to hint at the launch of these two Oppo variants. However, there is still a lot yet to be revealed surrounding the launch of these two devices.

The Oppo F9 Pro teaser for India also showcased the phone in Sunrise Red, but it highlighted its prowess in the charging department. This F series smartphone will get a smaller notch compared with its predecessor’s, and Oppo is referring to the display’s design as a “Waterdrop screen”. The India launch date of the Oppo F9 Pro still remains under wraps for the moment.

While it may be presumed that the selfie-centric smartphone brand is likely to launch identical phones with different names, that is F9 and F9 Pro, in Indian and Malaysian markets, there has been no official comment from the company about the devices.