In an attempt to make the Twitter a more conversational platform, the San Francisco-based company announced its intention to introduce new changes in the way people interact on the platform. According to a recent tweet by Sara Haider, product manager at the company, Twitter is currently testing a couple of features that will distinguish between tweets in a thread.

The ‘rough’ features as mentioned in Sara’s tweet along with two images highlight the personal responses as well as replies by a host account that started any conversational thread. The tweets have been assigned Blue and Purple colour codes for ‘personal’ and ‘others’ responses, respectively.

However, the more notable feature underway is the one that displays a user’s online status. According to the experimental changes, an individual’s profile picture will show a green circle around it if they are online. Since this is still at the testing phase, it’s not clear whether this function can be disabled, Tech2 reported.

There’s no certainty as to how Twitter aims to boost conversations on the platform, but the online/offline status indicator seems to be generating a negative response from Twitter users. It will also be interesting to know who exactly would be able to see the ‘status’ of account holders, especially considering that this could be a matter of concern for the celebrity Twitter handles out there.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying the fact that Twitter is an important medium of communication, even for National governments, global agencies, and MNCs. So this will definitely be on the watch list for many.