Xiaomi is getting ready to unveil yet another global product next week, and this could be a brand new device or a product currently available in its home market, China. The teaser does not specify which of the two it will be, but it has got everyone excited since it mentions ‘just a few days left’ for the big unveil.

This new information comes courtesy a tweet by Xiaomi’s Global Spokesperson, Donovan Sung. The Chinese-American tech executive posted on Twitter, “Very excited for our upcoming global product launch next week. Just a few days left.” The tweet goes on to pose a question to Twitteratis to make guesses about which product it might be.

While there are more than a dozen replies for that particular question, the general consensus seems to be that Xiaomi could launch the Redmi Note 6 Pro globally in the coming days. There are also other guesses, such as the Mi 8 Lite or Mi Mix 3; however, the Mi 8 Lite is set to be launched today and so it is unlikely that it is the product in question.

Now the Mi Mix 3, the premium smartphone with several top-of-the-line features, could be up for the global unveiling. The phone was launched in the company’s home country only a few weeks ago.

So, it remains to be seen what the Chinese company might introduce as a global product. Expect Xiaomi to have an update about this soon enough.