Google will be going all guns blazing against the sites that are deceitful, misleading or hostile to users with their next Chrome update. The said update, Chrome 71 will block websites offering ‘abusive experiences’, Google announced. Google describes ‘abusive experiences’ as ‘third-party websites disguised as play buttons or other site controls, or transparent overlays on any website that capture all clicks and open new tabs or windows’.

Websites that are found to be offering such content will be warned and given 30 days to clean up the site. If they fail to do so within the grace period, the site will be blocked outright, Tech2 reported. Though extreme this definitely is a welcome move from the users perspective.

As such experiences were becoming a commonplace with 1 in 5 feedback reports apparently mentioning some form of user-hostile content. Hence the new Chrome’s update that is expected to be rolled out by December, will prevent sites with these types of abusive experiences from opening new windows or tabs.

So in nutshell, automatic site redirection is one of the biggest features being targeted by Chrome. Automatic redirection is when a site automatically takes you to another page without user input. Notably, the new feature can be turned off by the user if needed, but it will be enabled by default and most users are unlikely to interfere with their settings.