Prepare for the SBI PO exam by reviewing previous years’ question papers. Here are a few questions from previous years’ SBI PO exam question papers, with the answers, so that you are ready to take the exam. Go through the list of questions (with answers) that we’ve selected from previous years’ SBI PO exam papers, and then attempt our quiz at the bottom.


1. The following sentence has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for the blanks which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

There is no clear _______ as to why so many companies start at the same time with broadly the _______ ideas.

(A) signal, aloof

(B) indication, same

(C) explanation, related

(D) clues, equal

(E) prove, like

Ans: B

2. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence.

The progress of the southwest monsoon (1)/ is relatively ‘slow as it is (2)/ not getting a favourable system (3)/ for move forward. (4) No error (5).

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

(E) 5

Ans: D

Quantitative aptitude

3. The cost price of item B is Rs. 150/- more than the cost price of item A. Item A was sold at a profit of 10% and item B was sold at a loss of 20%. If the respective ratio of selling prices of items A and B is 11 : 12, what is the cost price of item B?

(A) Rs. 450

(B) Rs. 420

(C) Rs. 400

(D) Rs. 350

(E) Rs. 480

Ans: A

4. What approximate value will come in place of the question mark(?) in the given questions ? (You are not expected to calculate the exact value.)

? % of 750.11 × 34.90 + 6.995 = 3000

(A) 12

(B) 15

(C) 18

(D) 75

(E) 60

Ans: A

5. A is thrice as efficient as B. A started working and after 4 days he was replaced by B. B then worked for 15 days and left. If A and B together finished 75% of the total work, in how many days B alone can finish the whole work?

(A) 27

(B) 45

(C) 24

(D) 36

(E) 42

Ans: D

6. Solve the two equations numbered and mark the appropriate option as the answer.

I. x² – 11x + 30 = 0

II. 2y² – 9y + 10 =0

(A) x > y

(B) x < y

(C) x ≥ y

(D) x ≤ y

(E) x = y or the relationship cannot be established

Ans: A


7. Which of the conclusions follow from the statements?


G ≥ R> O ≥ S; Y < O ≤ F


I. G > Y

II. S ≤ F

(A) Only conclusion I is true.

(B) Either conclusion I or II is true

(C) Only conclusion II is true.

(D) Neither conclusion I nor II is true

(E) Both conclusions I and II are true.

Ans: E

8. D is the mother of S. S is the sister of T. T is the mother of. R. R is the only son of J.

J is the father of U. U is married to K. How is J related to D?

(A) Brother-in-law

(B) Son-in-law

(C) Grandson

(D) Son

(E) Nephew

Ans: B

General awareness

9. What is the meaning of “C” in PCA?

(A) Prompt Coercive Action

(B) Prompt Corrective Action

(C) Prompt Collective Action

(D) Prompt Corroborative Action

(E) None of the above

Ans: B

10. India’s growth for 2018-19 as projected by IMF?

(A) 8.0 per cent

(B) 7.2 per cent

(C) 7.7 per cent

(D) 7.5 per cent

(E) 6.7 per cent

Ans: C