Dark Mode on WhatsApp has been a long awaited feature for the popular messaging platform. The Facebook-owned platform has reportedly been working on the dark mode feature for quite some time and it is expected to roll out soon. Speculations are rife that the feature could come by the end of this year or by early 2019 for all users. An India Today report has shared such a sentiment about the mode’s launch.

WaBetaInfo, a highly cited source for latest news on WhatsApp, has however said that the feature is still being worked on and there is no news on when it might come to users.

Dark mode is a new trend among social media platforms with popular apps like Twitter, Instagram and now WhatsApp could soon embrace the trend. And there is more to the Dark mode than just the appearance; it not only protects users’ eyes from the light from smartphones and tables, but it also helps save crucial battery power.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has started rolling out group call shortcut feature for some users. The feature makes it easier to place group calls in the chat app by adding a group call shortcut button to the group chat window. In order to use the group chat option users can tap on the shortcut which will give the list of all members in the chat.

By selecting the members with choice between voice only or video call, users can utilise this feature. Currently, the process requires you to call one person and then add the other member in the call later.

Apart from Dark Mode, WhatsApp is also working on another feature called Multishare. The feature will allow you to see a preview of a message or media that you may be forwarding to two or more chats.