A pocket air-conditioner? yes, you heard it right. Sony is currently developing a portable mini-air conditioner that can be carried around at all times. The upcoming gadget has been monikered ‘Reon Pocket’ by the tech giant and this palm-sized device fits in a shirt pocket and can keep you cool or warm via a smartphone app.

The device is being developed by Sony’s startup acceleration program and the company is currently crowdfunding the gadget, CNET reported. A video teaser for the product has been made available on the Japanese site and it demonstrates Reon Pocket sliding into the back of a specially designed shirt, sitting at the neck.


While the temperatures across the globe have been rising beyond bearable levels, this new device from Sony seems surely something that will attract the modern tech-savvy and as well as other generic consumers. However, Sony plans to launch the Reon Pocket only in Japan for the time being.

The basic package with the Reon Pocket and one shirt costs around $130. The shirts come in a men’s small, medium or large. The device’s battery lasts for 90 minutes after two hours of charging, CNET report added citing South China Morning Post.

While this gadget is still under development, it could become available next year, said Yoichi Ito, a project lead on Reon Pocket, in a blog post.