Another series of rumors are hinting towards gesture recognition controls in the long-awaited Google Pixel 4 and 4XL devices – this time supported by snapshots.

Tweets by McFly suggested presence of Soli Radar but admitted lack of more confirmatory information.

But the claims became tangible after Twitter tattler Ice Universe got their hands on the images of Pixel 4’s bezels. Besides Soli Radar, the leaked images also suggest the Pixel 4XL to be bigger in size than Pixel 4 or Pixel 3. It also seems like that the phones might not carry front-facing speakers as in the Pixel 3 series. Furthermore, the design suggests that the phones do not sport a pop-up selfie camera.

It has been four years since Google first announced Project Soli, aimed to detect hand gestures via a “mini” radar. The technology has been a topic of great interest for the Pixel fanbase. The large cutout on the top-right part of Pixel 4’s front panel has fuelled yet another gossip among the enthusiasts. Hold tight and stay tuned for more updates as we plan to reveal anything and everything before the expected release in October!