As part of its #ReadInstead initiative, Juggernaut Books will be creating a month-long online literary festival in association with called #ReadInstead Online Literature Festival.

The #ReadInstead campaign was set up in response to the lockdown people are living through because of the coronavirus. On March 21, Juggernaut made its entire catalogue free for readers to access during this period. Alongside this, we will now be creating a unique month-long literary event.

The #ReadInstead litfest will include some of Juggernaut’s biggest authors and consist of conversations, workshops, competitions, masterclasses and more. The festival will be launched on Friday, March 27 at 12 pm.

“At Juggernaut we are always trying to do something original, and we have been playing with the idea of creating an online literary festival for some time. This was the perfect moment. Our vision is to get more people reading and to find new ways to bring the magic of books and reading to them. The #ReadInstead litfest will we hope entertain and stimulate people in this difficult time and remind us of the power of books. We are delighted that we could make this happen and thank our partner for coming on board with so much enthusiasm,” said Chiki Sarkar and Simran Khara.

“In this uncertain time, we unexpectedly find ourselves with time to read all those books we’ve been stockpiling for a rainy day and to reflect about the ideas that have shaped our world. was started with the idea of covering the news that matters and things that make life worth living. We’re delighted that Juggernaut has given us the opportunity to reiterate this,” said Naresh Fernandes, editor of