With the extension of lockdown until May 3rd, rumours had started emerging that CBSE might cancel the remaining class 10th and 12th board examinations for this year. However, CBSE denied any such decision for now and said that they are constantly monitoring the situation, according to NDTV.

An official in conversation with NDTV said the board is discussing on the best way to conduct the exams and a proper date for the same will be announced in the near future after assessing the situation.

CBSE was supposed to conduct the examination for both the classes in the month of February and March; however, due to the lockdown imposed on March 23rd, the exams had to be postponed for a future date. One exam was left for class 10th which later was cancelled and thus only class 12th exams are left to be conducted.

The exams in Northeast Delhi scheduled to be conducted in February had to be cancelled due to the violent protests, CBSE will be conducting their exams for both class 10th and class 12th along with the remaining exams.

A total number of 41 subjects are yet to be conducted by the board. However, due to the loss in time, the board has decided to conduct exams only for important subjects. A total number of 29 subjects have been shortlisted for this purpose.

For the remaining classes, the board has decided to promote students without any exams. For students of class 9th and 11th, internal exams will be used to promote the students. CBSE has also decided to curtail the curriculum for next year to make up for the lost time.